Engage Initiative Mission

People with mental illness are often NOT seen. Being invisible contributes to dying earlier and more frequently from cancer. We need to open our eyes and work together to bridge the divide between cancer and mental health to save lives and decrease suffering.

We are building a community network that engages diverse voices to promote equity in cancer care and research.

We commit to:

  1.  Make mental illness visible through education and advocacy
  2. Increase access to timely, high quality, integrated mental health and cancer care
  3. Improve the cancer care experience and health outcomes for individuals with mental illness and their caregivers
  4. Conduct and disseminate research that matters to patients, caregivers, and clinicians
  5. Improve our healthcare system through targeted policy change

Meet the Team

Amy Corveleyn

Efren J. Flores

Ben Macri

Beriline Akwe

Shukriyah Brown

Catherine Callaway

Catherine Pappano

Get Involved

“Being able to directly engage with [patient’s ] MGH team
was the first time in a long time, I felt supported when
it came to the needs of the people I serve.”